Template Tag Reference Guide for WordPress 3.0+

wordpress template tag reference guide

The developers and designers at DBS Interactive have created this awesome interactive WordPress 3.0 template tags reference guide for all WordPress lovers out there. The guide covers many (if not all!) template tags including:

  • Attachment Tags
  • Author Tags
  • Blog Info Tags
  • Category Tags
  • Comment Tags
  • Date & Time Tags
  • Edit Link Tags
  • Include Tags
  • Links Manager Tags
  • Lists & Dropdown Tags
  • Login/Logout Tags
  • Navigation Menu Tags
  • Permalink Tags
  • Post Thumbnail Tags
  • Query Tags
  • Shortlink Tags
  • Tag Tags
  • Title Tags

The reference is built using jQuery, which makes it even easier to navigate. Maybe someone else could turn the whole WordPress codex to a similar (if not better!) reference for all WordPress tags and functions one day.

What do you think? have you seen it before? do you have a similar or better WordPress reference website?

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