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How to write effective copy on the internet for web designers

Updated: jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin

The jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin has been updated to fix a bug that was pointed out by Martin Ruston to fix a bug which led the plugin to stop working while or after the browser’s window is resized. Thanks to Chris Hope with his article on Running a function with jQuery when the window […]

WordPress as a CMS with the powerful Custom Post Types


jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin

jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin Preview

Ever had 2 HTML Divs that you wish they would be just of the same height regardless of their content? Well, jQuery Equal Height Divs Fix is the right solution for you then as it will calculate both divs’s height and then examines which div is taller. Then it will assign the bigger height value to the shortest one.

Preflight: An essential key to effective web design (Part:2)

This is Part 2 of Preflight in Web Design. Part 1 can be found here 4- Write a Creative Brief: Creative Briefs are an essential part of preflight. This is especially true if you work within a team. A creative brief, as the name implies, determines a project’s life cycle and its deliverables; providing measurable […]

Preflight: An essential key to effective web design (Part:1)

Welcome back to our next informative guide in the Web Design Essentials discussion. Preflight is an important stage in the process of creating a successful website and using this important concept will keep your project focused and on track. This the first part of the article on Preflight, where the second part can be found […]

20 Free or low-cost Usability Test tools guide

Book Cover: Usability Tools Guide

Dr. Peter J. Meyers of User Effect has made a very well-written thorough 48 pages PDF eBook on Usability Testing entitled: Guide to Low-cost Usability Tools where he has analyzed 20 of the free and low-cost web based usability tools. On the post Guide to Low-cost Usability Tools, he outlines the major tools he is analyzing as a respond to the flood of Usability test tools we are seeing in the last couple of years.

The eBook covers the following groups of usability tools:

Pattern Tap: Drink design by the gallon!

Have you ever ran out of thoughts on a web design project? Have you ever wondered how other people solved this user interface issue? If you answer any of this questions by yes, then you may find Pattern Tap a good life saver. Patter Tap is a place where you will find all sorts of web design elements under one roof.

The harsh reality about the internet for web designers

As a web designer, there are a few things that you need to grasp so that you can unleash the talent you’ve got to create those stunning websites. Here we are discussing some of the harsh realities of the internet that you should be aware of.
Web design is not all about being fancy and pretty!

[WDEC] PART:1-Introduction to web design

www.yahoo.com as it looked like in 1996 through the time machine

Web design, this term that almost everyone would love to try one day, is actually a fun process. Web design or the process of creating the look and feel of a website is all about delivering the content in an easy appealing way to the visitor. As an ambitious web designer, you should always consider your visitor’s needs and requirements. So always put yourself in the visitor’s seat. What he would like to see? How would he go about finding the information he came for to this website in the first place?

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