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How to write effective copy on the internet for web designers

Updated: jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin

The jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin has been updated to fix a bug that was pointed out by Martin Ruston to fix a bug which led the plugin to stop working while or after the browser’s window is resized. Thanks to Chris Hope with his article on Running a function with jQuery when the window […]

20 Free or low-cost Usability Test tools guide

Book Cover: Usability Tools Guide

Dr. Peter J. Meyers of User Effect has made a very well-written thorough 48 pages PDF eBook on Usability Testing entitled: Guide to Low-cost Usability Tools where he has analyzed 20 of the free and low-cost web based usability tools. On the post Guide to Low-cost Usability Tools, he outlines the major tools he is analyzing as a respond to the flood of Usability test tools we are seeing in the last couple of years.

The eBook covers the following groups of usability tools:

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