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Preflight: An essential key to effective web design (Part:2)

This is Part 2 of Preflight in Web Design. Part 1 can be found here 4- Write a Creative Brief: Creative Briefs are an essential part of preflight. This is especially true if you work within a team. A creative brief, as the name implies, determines a project’s life cycle and its deliverables; providing measurable […]

The harsh reality about the internet for web designers

As a web designer, there are a few things that you need to grasp so that you can unleash the talent you’ve got to create those stunning websites. Here we are discussing some of the harsh realities of the internet that you should be aware of.
Web design is not all about being fancy and pretty!

[WDEC] PART:1-Introduction to web design

www.yahoo.com as it looked like in 1996 through the time machine

Web design, this term that almost everyone would love to try one day, is actually a fun process. Web design or the process of creating the look and feel of a website is all about delivering the content in an easy appealing way to the visitor. As an ambitious web designer, you should always consider your visitor’s needs and requirements. So always put yourself in the visitor’s seat. What he would like to see? How would he go about finding the information he came for to this website in the first place?

Web design essentials course [WDEC]

Web design course
Hello everyone, We at Joptima wish to help a lot of our enthusiastic friends who would love to get into the lovely web design business. Therefore Joptima is going to launch an online web design course that aims to help beginners all the way up to professionals.

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