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jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin

jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin Preview

Ever had 2 HTML Divs that you wish they would be just of the same height regardless of their content? Well, jQuery Equal Height Divs Fix is the right solution for you then as it will calculate both divs’s height and then examines which div is taller. Then it will assign the bigger height value to the shortest one.

The harsh reality about the internet for web designers

As a web designer, there are a few things that you need to grasp so that you can unleash the talent you’ve got to create those stunning websites. Here we are discussing some of the harsh realities of the internet that you should be aware of.
Web design is not all about being fancy and pretty!

Who is gaining ground and who is losing in web browsers war?

The recent stats from Net Applications show that there are alot of changes happening to the way people are using the internet. If we go back in time last year 2008 we’ll notice that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with all its different versions was dominating the browsers market with a share of almost 75%.

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