New Series: How do I build this awesome website using WordPress?

Building websites using WordPress is becoming more popular by the day. More people are entering the WordPress arena but some just don’t know yet how to create some┬áspecialized┬ácustom websites. Sometimes you need to install this plugin to give you one option that’s not natively available. And some other times you go for that theme because it has everything you need to build that website in your mind. Basically we have 3 situations:

To build this awesome website you can…

  1. Install free Plugins to give you new features
  2. Install a free Theme to give you new features
  3. Tweak or even creat your own WordPress Themes and Plugins

How can Joptima Blog help?

In this series, I will try to suggest several means to create almost any kind of websites WordPress is able to produce. For instance, if we’d like to create a real estate website, how do we get going? Do we need to create custom post types for properties? Do we need a special plugin? Can we create the entire website ourselves? Do we just grab one premium commercial theme that has it all?

In the coming few posts, I will try to show you the means and different ways you can follow to create those stunning rich interactive websites using WordPress. So, if you have an idea of a website and you’re not sure how to start building it in WordPress? Leave a comment on this page mentioning the following:

Website Overview in your comment should include:

  • Suggested Website Type (i.e. A Resturant, Real Estate Agent…etc.)
  • Suggested Sitemap (i.e. Home, Services, Food Menu, Location, Contact Us)
  • Special Features (i.e. Contact Us Form, Slider, Facebook Widget, Google Maps to show the location on the Contact Us page…etc.)
  • Similar website(s) (i.e. a website you’ve seen somewhere and wanted to know how to do the same thing)

What I will do, is I will try to search for the means and different solutions you can go through to build this website using mostly free stuff from the internet. I hope this will help some people out there who are noticing the growing demand for WordPress powered websites these days.

So go ahead and post your comment below with your request.

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