How to optimize a WordPress theme for Middle Eastern Right-to-Left Languages

Not all the spoken languages in our world are written from Left to Right. There are some languages’ scripts are written from Right to Left, especially in the Middle East. For example Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, Syriac and more.
To create a theme that has a layout flow from right to left can be tedious sometimes. To overcome this problem, once you finish styling your WordPress CSS file which is called “style.css” you usually would copy and paste it again and change its name to “rtl.css” while changing any property value from right to left and vice-versa.

RTLer Plugin for WordPress

Instead of doing all of that manually, thank God Louy Alakkad has created an excellent WordPress plugin called RTLer which is meant to take care of that and changes everything for you in a blink of an eye.
“RTLer, is just a simple plugin that generates the RTL stylesheet rtl.css for you from your theme’s style.css file. It automatically scans your file, reads values and adds its own if needed, you’ll never need to rtl anymore.”
Here’s a screenshot of how it looks like on your admin back-end part of your WordPress powered website.
Screenshot of RTLer WordPress Right to Left plugin

Screenshot of RTLer WordPress Right to Left plugin

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