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How to Output Custom Taxonomies with the Custom Posts Belonging to Each One

I recently encountered a small problem while developing a WordPress website. Here’s the scenario: I have a custom post type called: staff_members. I have also created Custom post types under that which included names of people with their biographies. In the mean time, I have a custom taxonomy called: departments (highlighted in bold below)…

How to optimize a WordPress theme for Middle Eastern Right-to-Left Languages

Not all the spoken languages in our world are written from Left to Right. There are some languages’ scripts are written from Right to Left, especially in the Middle East. For example Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hebrew, Syriac and more.

New Series: How do I build this awesome website using WordPress?

Building websites using WordPress is becoming more popular by the day. More people are entering the WordPress arena but some just don’t know yet how to create some specialized custom websites.

How to write effective copy on the internet for web designers

The power of Child Themes in WordPress [Part 1]

The power of child themes in Wordpress
How to utilize the power of child themes in Wordpress to quickly and effectively modify any parent theme

Updated: jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin

The jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin has been updated to fix a bug that was pointed out by Martin Ruston to fix a bug which led the plugin to stop working while or after the browser’s window is resized. Thanks to Chris Hope with his article on Running a function with jQuery when the window […]

How to get more accurate data about your website using Google Analytics?


Preflight: An essential key to effective web design (Part:2)

This is Part 2 of Preflight in Web Design. Part 1 can be found here 4- Write a Creative Brief: Creative Briefs are an essential part of preflight. This is especially true if you work within a team. A creative brief, as the name implies, determines a project’s life cycle and its deliverables; providing measurable […]

Preflight: An essential key to effective web design (Part:1)

Welcome back to our next informative guide in the Web Design Essentials discussion. Preflight is an important stage in the process of creating a successful website and using this important concept will keep your project focused and on track. This the first part of the article on Preflight, where the second part can be found […]

[WDEC] PART:1-Introduction to web design as it looked like in 1996 through the time machine

Web design, this term that almost everyone would love to try one day, is actually a fun process. Web design or the process of creating the look and feel of a website is all about delivering the content in an easy appealing way to the visitor. As an ambitious web designer, you should always consider your visitor’s needs and requirements. So always put yourself in the visitor’s seat. What he would like to see? How would he go about finding the information he came for to this website in the first place?

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