5 Signs A Potential Web Designer Is A Winner

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and spend good money on a new website! How do you know your web designer is a winner?

1) Your Site Is Compatible With All Browsers

You may have seen the message “This site requires Internet Explorer” when visiting some web pages over the years. Did you know that a site built to require only Internet Explorer in order to function properly is alienating approximately 75% of the Internet community? According to statistics at w3schools.com, as of April 2011, web browsers have the following market share:

Web BrowserMarket Share
Internet Explorer24.3%
As of April 2011

With so many choices it is essential that your site is designed to work properly will all of them.

2) Attractive & Readable Content

Design can be formal, exciting, fun, breathtaking and sometimes incredibly overwhelming. While a beautiful web site is a common goal, if the content is obscured by the design you will ultimately give an empty or frustrating site for your customers. While in the discovery and early phases of site design, stay focused on the goal to give clear and concise content that can be read clearly and easily by your customers. Avoid gloomy grey text on black backgrounds, tiny font sizes or excessively busy backgrounds behind your text.

3) Your Designer Isn’t TOO Cost-Efficient

For every world-class 5-figure web design project there are two dozen nephews and nieces of the guy working down the hall that can build your site for a fraction of the cost (and a fraction of the usability and marketability). Economic times may be tough, but always remember that the site you are creating will set an impression for the entire world to see. While you don’t need to empty the bank account to make the site happen, you should also look out for designers that may cut too many corners or else you may be paying more down the road to fix your site.

4) Knowledgeable In Areas of Marketing & Driving Traffic To Your Site

Ok, you’ve built your new website! Now what? More and more these days you don’t just need a web designer, but a design company that understands the goals behind your web design project. You desire visitors to your site, and your design company should know how to help you get those visitors. When looking for a designer make sure the person or firm has experience working with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Ad Words and other marketing products. A good web strategy starts with SEO and marketing and builds that into the site design.

5) Consistent & Growing Client Roster

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential designer for a design portfolio or possibly a client roster. When spending a good amount of money on a website the last thing you want to do is write a check to a company that might not be there tomorrow. You need a design company that is growing and on top of emerging technologies when it comes to web and application design. This will ensure that you can stay ahead of the curve.

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Mike Barbre MIKE BARBRE is a social media professional and technology enthusiast. When he’s not using Intermedia’s Exchange Hosting, he can be found following Intermedia on Twitter and as a fan of Intermedia on Facebook.

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