How to write effective copy on the internet for web designers

Introducing the new!

introducing the new
It seems like the old default twitter profile picture is about to change. Yes the good ol’ twitter’s default profile picture will look like an “egg” from now on (for certain users through). Twitter is changing. Twitter is having a face-lift, not only by changing the looks but also by changing your experience and the way you are interacting with it. in a conference held at Twitter’s headquarters in San Francisco the new features of the new were reveled.

The power of Child Themes in WordPress [Part 1]

The power of child themes in Wordpress
How to utilize the power of child themes in Wordpress to quickly and effectively modify any parent theme

Updated: jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin

The jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin has been updated to fix a bug that was pointed out by Martin Ruston to fix a bug which led the plugin to stop working while or after the browser’s window is resized. Thanks to Chris Hope with his article on Running a function with jQuery when the window […]

Google Me, is it real or just another “Buzz”?

The internet is boiling with a new rumor from various reliable parties that Google is entering the social networking game with a new product from its arsenal called Google Me. The rumor started when Kevin Rose (the founder of the famous Digg ) tweeted earlier this week that he has learnt recently that Google is working on a new project called Google Me.

WordPress 3.0 Thelonious: Multi Blogs, Single Installation, More Customization


WordPress as a CMS with the powerful Custom Post Types


7 Features to look forward to in WordPress 3.0


Automattic has recently announced that the release of its long -awaited version 3.0 of the most famous blogging platform on earth these days, WordPress 3.0 is just around the corner. With that said, I have recently read a few articles on the new features it will provide along with the improvements.

How to get more accurate data about your website using Google Analytics?


jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin

jQuery Equal Height Divs Plugin Preview

Ever had 2 HTML Divs that you wish they would be just of the same height regardless of their content? Well, jQuery Equal Height Divs Fix is the right solution for you then as it will calculate both divs’s height and then examines which div is taller. Then it will assign the bigger height value to the shortest one.
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